Top 10 Clubs in CUC

Author:Huang Danying, Wang Man     May 22,2017

No.6 Olive Literature Club

its magazine

Olive Literature Club is one of CUC’s oldest clubs, established in 1990. It is a comprehensive literature club that develops reading, writing and communicating; it embraces different literary forms including novels, poetry, prose, and film. This club seeks to connect people with literature and enrich life through appreciating the arts. They release a magazine titled, “Olive,” and a newspaper titled, “Green Grass.” Olive Literature Club also holds classical activities including Nutritious Olive, Literature Dream Plan and the Juxing Cup Campus Novel Contest.


No.7 PASSWORD Street Dance Club

Club logo

This club provides an arena for street dance lovers to showcase and improve their skills. The youngest member of PASSWORD, is only 8 years old! There are about 350 members in total, and more and more students are joining almost every day. It emphasizes the importance of inheritance, which is to treasure the good traditions and to embrace the new members continually. Members in PASSWORD have many chances to perform on the stage like Dancing in CUC and participating in the Autumn Melody of Association Union, which are very influential in CUC.


No.8 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students Development Association

Many members of the association come from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. This club seeks to promote the communication between students from different cultural backgrounds through multiple activities. On the one hand, they help the students from those three places integrate into a new environment. On the other hand, they implement activities like Cantonese class, Cantonese singing contests, and voluntary activities that promote the uniqueness of distinctive cultures, and build friendships with people from all regions.


No.9 TRY Comics and Animation Club

TRY’s logo

Proudly boasting more than 300 lively members, TRY Comics and Animation Club has attracted countless anime fans since its creation in 2000. It is a platform for anime fans to communicate, to share resources, and to celebrate anime as an art form. The main activities include the Spring Stage and the Winter Anime Party, which are carnivals so popular for anime fans, that finding a ticket can be challenging!


No.10 CUC Green and Hope Association

The CUC Green and Hope association is the only environmental protection club at CUC. It calls for students to protect the environment not only through simple behaviors such as saving electricity and water, but also by designing more attractive environmentally conscious concepts and activities that will encourage more people to become environmentally responsible.

Last year, they planned a project called the Ecological Photograph. They used two piece of cotton cloth to cover a plant’s leaf and then squeezed it between two flat stone. In doing this, the picture of the plant was imprinted into the cotton cloth, that was soaked in salt water. After printing this beautiful design, they sewed the cloth into a little sachet.



All the pictures are from Club Association

Edited by: Elizabeth Arnold, Cao Wanchen