Top 10 Clubs in CUC

Author:Huang Danying, Wang Man     May 22,2017

On May 20, Confucius Square was home to a lively garden party organized by the Students’ Association Union (SAU). Despite Beijing’s early summer heat, many people affiliated with CUC were attracted to participate in the party, as well as some local children and others from outside of CUC.

The Students’ Association Union has been active for the past 15 years. This year, the SAU is planning a series of activities and today’s garden party is one of the main activities. Everyone attending this garden party could select one of 4 route maps; each map included different stands organized according to student clubs, featuring various small games. Game winners received a coin for each game won. The coins could be exchanged for gifts and the chance to be entered in a lottery. SAU provides the 76 different student clubs at CUC an arena to showcase themselves, 41 of which came together to Confucius Square exhibiting games that embodied their own features.

Student clubs provide space for making new friends who share common interests. They allow students to enhance various skills, and of course, they make their life more colorful. As such, CUC supports the creation and maintenance of student clubs, and the Students’ Association Union commits to promoting the healthy development of each club. Last month, the Youth League Committee of CUC selected the 10 best clubs on campus, illustrating the wide variety of interests that cater to many different people. Below is a short list of the top 10 clubs to provide a glimpse into the lives of CUC students.


No.1 CUC Natural Science Society  

An astro-observation for Geminids
Unknown, the club Bulletin

This club was established in 2006 and has been ranked at number ten for nearly 11 years. It focuses on natural science including astronomy, biology, and botany. Thus, the society often organizes activities related to science, such as astro-observation, campus roadside astronomy, visiting science museums, and even park sightseeing. All CUC students are welcome to participate!

The club’s bulletin was originally published biweekly, but since 2014, has been moved to an e-reading platform available weekly if you subscribe to the club’s WeChat. One of its most popular articles introduces a variety of different kinds of plants in CUC campus.


No.2 San Nong Society

Teaching hearing-impaired child pinyin

If you are passionate about volunteering and you are concerned about rural issues, the San Nong Society will be the perfect club for you. This charity club was established in 2001 and its most important initiative is supporting education. Club members organize weekend and summer vacation trips to rural, northwestern regions of China to teach young children. In addition, this club seeks to help hearing-impaired children hear the world and express their feelings. This altruistic club also prioritizes working with the elderly.


No.3 Youth-ICH

Carving in lacquerware

A poster of one sharing session

Tea art performance

Youth-intangible cultural heritage is on of CUC’s newer clubs, established in 2013. It is the first club focused on the intangible cultural heritage of the university. This club dedicates to Chinese tradition and culture and encourages teenagers to innovate ways of preserving these treasures. So far, it has drawn lots of attention from teenagers as well as social media, including Beijing Daily.

Youth-ICH now has three kinds of activities: the master’s class, the sharing session, and the performance show. Students can communicate with masters of traditional cultural face to face and appreciate their professional skills in those activities. In doing so, they can learn and present those traditions.


No.4 DE Dance Club

 Club logo

Their dancing

DE stands for “Dance endless.” This club is designed for members passionate about dance and life. This club was founded in 2003, aimed at popularizing hip-hop. “Tian Xuan D Wu” has a nine-year history and has become the most popular evening party among Beijing and even other Chinese universities. Its performance consists of street dancing, DI, rap and Beatbox.

No.5 Zijin Hanfu club

Hanfu show

Hanfu, the traditional, historical dress of the Han people, has almost the same long history of China. It directly expresses Chinese traditional culture.

This club invites professors to share their stories about Hanfu in special talks arranged exclusively for its members. Club members regularly pick up and engage with Hanfu clothing. What's more, they organize Hanfu photo shoots, spreading this important cultural knowledge to students while providing free Hanfu and jewelry.