Museums in CUC

Author:Luo Yunjia, Huang Danying, Wang Rong     May 18,2017

Every year since 1977, the International Museum Day takes place around May 18th. The objective of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of museums in social development. Founded in 1954, the Communication University of China (CUC) has been deeply involved in the development of Chinese media, and builts up 3 media-related museums: China Media Museum, Cui Yongyuan Oral History Research Center and Advertising Museum of China.

China Media Museum

Walking around the Piano Lake, it is not hard to catch sight of the sign for China Media Museum. This hidden gem lies inconspicuously in the school campus underneath the library. It is the first professional media museum in China, built in 2010 and opened in 2012.

The Chinese Media Museum is comprised of four parts: the Radio Branch, the TV Branch, the Transmission Branch, and the Film Branch, exhibiting more than 12000 collections including early televisions, gramophones, radios and other media devices, including the renowned Chinese self-producing monochromatic television which was invented in 1958.

the Radio Branch

For some CUC students, the Media Museum is the perfect place to learn, as it showcases a virtual studio where students can get to know the working environment of authentic studios.


the TV Branch

The Media Museum is more than an ordinary museum, in that it offers experiential exhibits open to the public. You can sit in front of or stand behind the camera to get a glimpse of how CCTV News is produced in the virtual studio, or you can test out a telegraph after learning Morse code in the radio branch.


the Film Branch

From Monday to Friday, in the afternoon, the museum screens carefully selected films in the film branch.

In general, the interactive environment of the Media Museum is one of its most special qualities. This year, the Media Museum recruited 17 interpreters, all of whom are students from various grades and majors at CUC. Engaging students in the Media Museum provides them with practical knowledge about media and communication, and enhances the museum’s influence and reputation, and inspires more students to pursue careers in media. “Being a member of the interpreters of the Media Museum helps me broaden my horizon in the media field.” Chang, one of the student guides, says, “In the future I shall lead more people of different ages from different fields to visit the Media Museum. Hope I will be able to show them the essential spirit and fascination of media as a future media worker.” Once again, the Media Museum indicates the significance of interaction of media.

the Transmission Branch

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the Media Museum also showcases some temporary exhibitions. With Museum Day coming up on May 18th, “the Sounds of Machines through the Centuries” exhibition will be held from the 17th of May to the 31st of June. This exciting exhibition displays audio equipment that preceded the Electrical Age, dating back to the beginning of sound-media. It exhibits the history and development of sound recording technology.


Visiting Tips:

Due to the unique architectural structure, to avoid getting lost, it is best to visit in the following order: radio branch→TV branch→film branch→transmission branch.
Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 9:00- 16:30
Last Admission16:00
Closed on statutory holidays