"The 33rd Spring of CUC" Campus Singing Competition Successfully Held

Author:Hu Zhenchao     May 09,2017

At 6:30 p.m. of May 5th, 2017, the final of "The 33rd Spring of CUC"  campus singing competition was successfully held in CUC Auditorium. After three rounds of fierce competition, Zhang Qinyuan won the championship.

张沁园(Zhang Qinyuan), Winner of the final
She is a jazz diva and her easy stage manners fully released the charm of the song.
Singing repertoire:《 City of Stars 》 ,《城市》,《 Young and beautiful 》

宗一介(Zong Yijie),Runner-up of the final
His song is cadenced and rich in feeling, integrating his life story into the song.
Singing repertoire:《哥哥》,《I am not the only one & Thinking out Loud》,《山丘》

程博强(Cheng Boqiang), Third of the final
Full of tender feeling and emotion, he can capture your heart with a little smile.
Singing repertoire:《开到荼靡》,《最长的电影》,《落叶归根》

宋舒蕾(Song Shulei),Top 5 and Most Popular Singer Award
She is with the European and American style and has a strong rhythm and metrical sense.
Singing repertoire:《New York State of Mind》,《Part-time lover》,《Read all about it》

曹牧之&叶梓靖,Top 5 and Most Stage Performance Award
They are young and energetic, always make the song to its extreme.
Singing repertoire:《演员和歌手》,《男孩》,《温柔》

叶青雯(Ye Qinwen), Top 10 and Most Potentiality Award
Her tone is untainted by the mechanics of "professionals" but emanate from her soul, she is thought to be a new star in the future female singer field.

Singing repertoire:《鹿港小镇》,《慢慢》

涂陈昊(Tu Chenhao), Top 10
He is good at classic style and imitates Fei Yuqing,a popular singer in China.
Singing repertoire:《一剪梅》,《国王与乞丐》


杨鹏宇(Yang Pengyu),Top 10
He has a rich bass voice and uses opera to present the songs.
Singing repertoireL:《像那潇洒的帕里第》,《Time to say goodbye》

郑馨怡(Zheng Xinyi),Top 10
You can always feel some deep love in her crooning singing of romantic songs.
Singing repertoire:《我要快乐》、《莉莉安》

王汉臣(Wang Hanchen),Top 10
He loves folk songs and simply sings the most touching songs.
Singing repertoire:《秋意浓》、《修炼爱情》


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Edited by: Cao Wanchen