CUC Attends the BEA! Delegation of Faculty of Journalism & Communication Took Part in Broadcast Education Association’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

Author:Hong Chenyang     Source:Faulty of Journalism and Communication     May 08,2017

Between April 22nd and 27th,the minister of the faculty of Journalism and Communication, Gao Xiaohong, headed a delegation alongwith vice minister Wang Xiaohong at the 2017 annual meeting and the National Airport Broadcasting (NAB) show of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA). The BEA was founded in the middle of the 20th century and is recognized to be the most authoritative broadcast and television academy in the United States. This visit is somewhat historic, as CUC is the first Chinese university in history to have sent a team to the BEA.

On April 23rd, the delegation and the BEA, together with Chinese Communication Association, held a forum themed Markets, Jobs and Education: the reconstruction of Chinese media in the media integration era. The forum was hosted by professor Zhou Shuhua, chairman of Chinese Communication Association and tenured professor at the University of Alabama. The forum was a major success, garnering lots of attention from experts on broadcasting and television education.
Professor Wang Xiaohong delivered an keynote speech on restructuring broadcast and television education in the era of media integration. She introduced the conditions and challenges that afflict broadcast and television education in China and explained that it is necessary to provide students with a learning environment that encourages them to cultivate their creativity, their practical skills, and their specialized skills. Informed by practices rooted in Journalism and Communication, she came up with a “4I” framework: Interdisciplinary, International, Interest, and IP.

During the forum, Su Hongyuan, minister of faculty of Journalism and Communication in South China University of Technology, analyzed the transformation of Chinese enterprises in the era of media integration by using WANDA GROUP as an example. Luo Ziwen, executive minister of faculty of Journalism and Communication in China Youth University of Political Studies, introduced the research model of Chinese TV shows. Gujie, professor in the faculty of Journalism and Communication at CUC, discussed the practice and direction of Chinese media in the era of media integration based on empirical data. Additionally, Professor Chen Changfeng, executive vice minister of faculty of Journalism and Communication in Tsinghua University made a comment on the forum. For the first time in the history of the BEA meetings, Chinese university students Liu Haiyang and Ge Tianxun had the opportunity to share their achievements by publishing their article.

During this visit to Las Vegas, the delegation also took part in the 2017 NAB show, which is the most professional exhibition of broadcasting and television practices in the USA. The NAB show was very informative, introducing the participants to the cutting-edge techniques on the forefront of American broadcasting and television. The faculty and students who attended NAB look forward to put their new found skills to the test following their return to CUC.


Edited by: Cao Wanchen