【Study at CUC】Yibeltal Belayneh: Journalism is the Mirror to See the World

Author:Tao Yifei, Luo Yunjia,Wang Man     May 12,2017

Yibeltal Belayneh, an easy going and honest man from Ethiopia who is now studying journalism as a postgraduate student here in Communication University of China(CUC). Before he came to China, he worked at the Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) as a reporter for 5 years. He is a passionate journalist filled with ambition. He is an undeniably brave young man who has the guts to seek out more, leaving his familiar and comfortable life behind.



Finding Inspiration in Literature

Yibeltal Belayneh majored in Broadcast Journalism and finished his undergraduate study in Ethiopia. During this period, he spent most of his time immersed in a vast sea of books. It is not at all an exaggeration to call Yibeltal a book fanatic. He participated in a book club and a literature club, providing him with many opportunities to read—his favourites being novels and books about politics. Even now, at CUC, Yibeltal still devotes much of his time to reading books.

Yibeltal believes that reading has benefited him greatly, not only in his life but also in his career. Literature has made him knowledgeable, and has even inspired him to write stories of his own. Besides, as a learner, practitioner and explorer in the field of journalism, he has found connections between the literature and news. “When you do the report and make news, you are writing the stories. It’s kind of the same. Journalism is a kind of literature.”

A Journalist with Great Passion and Aspiration

"When I was child, I wanted to be a journalist."Yibeltal passion for journalism has driven him since childhood.

Before committing to his undergraduate studies, Yibeltal was one member of 180 journalists in the EBC (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation), The biggest TV and Radio Station in Ethiopia which was owned and financed by the government.

He worked as a reporter to write and edit news, focusing on international affairs. Most of the time, Yibeltal reported events or meetings. He would rush to the scene, seek out the information or undertake interviews, and then return home to write stories about the events. Alongside this reporting, he would also translate English video content to his mother tongue, or edit video for television news, and audio materials for radio news.

Apart from the routine works, Yibeltal was particularly inspired by one story about the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway construction progress, which was built by two Chinese engineering corporations. To develop the story, he travelled to Djibouti. That was his first time of going abroad. As a young and inexperienced reporter, he felt that the Ethiopia-Djibouti story was his gateway into journalism that would allow him to move beyond the local level. For the first time, Yibeltal saw a wide and vivid world in front of him. He reflected, “Journalism is the mirror to see the world.”

Desiring to be more knowledgeable, professional, and international, Yibeltal resigned from his job to continue his studies overseas in the brave and confident pursuit of his journalistic dreams.