Prominent Documentary Producer Jacques Perrin Appointed as Honorary Professor of CUC

April 21,2017

On the morning of April 19, French director Jacque Perrin was appointed to be an honorary professor of CUC and the honorary president of China Academy Awards of Documentary Film. President Hu Zhengrong, vice minister of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication and Chairman of the China Documentary Research Center(CDRC)He Suliu attended the ceremony and presented the Certificate of Appointment  to Jacques Perrin.


The appointment ceremony was held in the lecture hall of Xinzhi building. Hu Fang, party secretary and vice minister of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, Liu Chang, vice minister of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication and dean of School of Journalism , Olli Barbe, executive producer of the movie Les Saisons, Brigitte VEYNE, film and TV commissioner of French embassy, Li Mingzhao, president of Champs Lis International also attended the ceremony. Xia Dan, director of Department of Personnel hosted the ceremony.

After the appointment ceremony, Mr. Jacques delivered a lecture about documentary. During the lecture, he went through the difference between different kinds of documentary, and explained the reason why he chose to focused on the nature world in his own works.

Feeling excited to meet in person the master in movie industry, students scrambled to raised their questions during the Q&A session.

The appointment of Jacques Perrin is one of the most significant measures for CUC to strengthen the building of strong contingent of high-level talent term and push forward the “Talent Strong School” strategy. It will also be an important role in promoting the construction of subject, scientific research and personnel training work in terms of the documentary. 

 Character Introduction: Jacques Perrin

Jacques Perrin is a French actor and filmmaker. Starting to act when he was only 6, he won his first Best Actor awards at the Venice Film Festival at the age of 25. At 27, he created a studio and produced and acted in Z, which received an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1969.He has also produced another Oscar-winning film in 1976: Black and White in Color. As a documentary director and producer, the nature trilogy Microcosmos, Himalaya, and winged migration has won him great fame all over the world.
Because of the masterpiece he brought to the world, and the positive influence he spread as a French. He is always called with no exaggeration “a real master of documentary” and “the name card of France”.

Written by: Tao Yifei

Edited by: Cao Wanchen