CUC Establishes the First English Student Press Corps

April 17,2017

On the afternoon of April 7th, the CUC English Press Crops was established in the 918 meeting room of the Ming De Building. This is the first English student press corps since the successful upgrade and revision of CUC English website , and it’s also the first one in CUC’ history.  


After several selections, 19 members attended the establishment ceremony. For the sake of meeting the needs of international communication, international students, and internationalized school running mode , the CUC English website was completely upgraded in September, 2016, initially setting up a convenience and efficiency platform with various functions and abundant information. In order to enrich the contents and build the CUC English website into an external brand window ,to display the achievements and reflect the developments of CUC, a lot of measures were taken by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee and Internet Culture Construction and Management Office. Establishing the CUC English Press Corps is one of them.

The recruitment of the CUC English Press Corps consisted of 3 parts including submitting English works (articles), translation exam and English interview. Having successfully passed the interview, these 19 English student journalists come from different faculties and schools in CUC, ranging from graduates, undergraduates, and foreign students. Some of them are English Majors while others come from other majors. A few student journalists even possess the applying ability of several foreign languages. The whole journalist corp has a high comprehensive quality.The journalist corp is divided into 3 groups, under the leadership of the Internet Culture Construction and Management Office, to assist the work of interviewing, editing and translating of CUC English Website.

On the ceremony, the relevant leading officials of Internet Culture Construction and Management Office introduced the construction of the English website, the English journalists’ mission task, and put forward the job requirements. The instructors also exchanged views with the student journalists on how to do the compilation of English information.

In addition to establishing the CUC English Press Corps, the Internet Culture Construction and Management Office is aiming to make a contribution to enhancing the international influence and reputation of CUC. The officials will pay a visit to some teaching and management units, such as School of International Studies, ICUC, International Convention Center, Student International Department, to call on teachers and students to take part in the CUC English website construction by means of co-constructing and establishing practical training base in school.


Written By:Jiang Yueqi,WangRong

Edited By:Yang Jiawen