Academician Shen Changxiang Appointed as Double—Employed Academician in CUC

March 31,2017

On March 22nd , academician Shen Changxiang was appointed as Double—Employed Academician in CUC, President Hu Zhengrong attended the appointment ceremony and presented the Certificate of Appointment to Shen Changxiang.

The appointment ceremony for academician Shen Changxiang of Communication University of China was held in the 1018 meeting room of the Meingde Building. The Minister Liu Jianbo, the Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Pengzhou and all the relevant leaders of Faculty of Science and Technology attended the appointment ceremony .Deputy director of Department of Personnel Huo Shufen hosted the ceremony.

Academician Shen Changxiang ,whose major field of research is Computer Information Systems and Network Security, has won 1 First National Science-Technology Progress Prize, 2 Second Prize,3 Third Prize, and more than 10 Military Science-Technology Progress Prize.He was elected as an academician of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering) in 1995.

President Hu Zhengrong expressed a warm welcome to Shen Changxiang for being a “Double-Employed Academician”of our school. He pointed out that as a famous expert in Cyberspace Security field in China, and the leader of establishing “Cyberspace Security “as a first-level discipline, academician Shen Changxiang has a strong sense of responsibility and mission. “CUC will set up Shen Changxiang’ academician workshop to provide the maximum support for him to develop academic exchange and research activities in CUC”,President Hu Zhengrong said.

At the appointment ceremony Shen Changxiang also said that he was very glad to be hired as a “Double-Employed Academician” by CUC.

The appointment of “Double—Employed Academician ” is one of the most significant measures for CUC to strengthen the building of strong contingent of high-level talent term and push forward the “Talent Strong School” strategy. It will also be an important role in promoting the construction of subject, scientific research ,the academic echelon ,as well as personnel training work.

Written by Cao Wanchen