Zengrui Li’s Group Published a Research Article in Scientific Reports

February 23,2017

On February 9, 2017, Professor Zengrui Li’ s group published a Research Article entitled “Ultra-wideband, Wide Angle and Polarization-insensitive Specular Reflection Reduction by Metasurface based on Parameter-adjustable Meta-Atoms“ in Scientific Reports.

In this paper, an ultra-wideband, wide angle and polarization-insensitive metasurface is designed, fabricated, and characterized for suppressing the specular electromagnetic wave reflection or backward radar cross section (RCS). Square ring structure is chosen as the basic meta-atoms. A new physical mechanism based on size adjustment of the basic meta-atoms is proposed for ultra-wideband manipulation of electromagnetic (EM) waves. Based on hybrid array pattern synthesis (APS) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, the selection and distribution of the basic meta-atoms are optimized simultaneously to obtain the ultra-wideband diffusion scattering patterns. The metasurface can achieve an excellent RCS reduction in an ultra-wide frequency range under x- and y-polarized normal incidences. The new proposed mechanism greatly extends the bandwidth of RCS reduction. The simulation and experiment results show the metasurface can achieve ultra-wideband and polarization-insensitive specular reflection reduction for both normal and wide-angle incidences. The proposed methodology opens up a new route for realizing ultra-wideband diffusion scattering of EM wave, which is important for stealth and other microwave applications in the future.

The research work is supported by the Fund of Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61671415) and CUC’s Key projects in the engineering planning program(No.3132016XNG1604).

Scientific Reports is a comprehensive academic journal issued by Nature publishing group. The content involves all the natural science field and focus on original research and multidisciplinary crossover study.


The full paper: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep42283#f1




Written by Cao Wanchen