CUC has Decided on the Names of its Main Roads, Buildings and Landscapes

December 26,2016

After the 36th CUC standing committee meeting of the Party committee, CUC has officially determined on a range of names of its main roads, buildings and landscapes, which reveals that CUC has made significant inroads into the campus naming activities.


The naming of main roads, buildings and landscapes, as a significant action to promote the campus normalized construction, is both a momentous grasp on further CUC cultural construction and a vital opportunity for CUCers to motivate a deeper understanding and love for their school, which has a positive impact on campus regulation and more convenience for daily work and study. During the naming period, CUC Party committee has laid much emphasis on the progress. Numerous report-back meetings, elaborative work deployment and severe requirements guarantee the smooth running of the whole project.

Directly organized by CUC  Propaganda Department and Internet Culture Construction and Management Office, the naming activities lasts for more than half a year and contains the scheme formulation, school wide name solicitation, online vote and deliberation conducted by experts. Based on views of various sides, CUC standing committee of the Party committee has discussed thoroughly and the names of 9 main roads, 10 landscapes and 19 buildings are ultimately confirmed.

In order to assist and guide teachers and students to both get familiar with and spontaneously apply the new regulated names, CUC has issued use norms and extensively advertised through name interpretation, VR display, sign settings, etc, which has created an active atmosphere throughout the entire campus.



Main Roads, Buildings and Landscaoes ' Name List

campus map

 Written by Cao Wanchen, Ding Qi