Chat with Overseas Students in Beginning Class

I told my students my phone number, then my first chat with Xiao Bei began:
BEI: (a piece of food photos for me) Is it delicious?
Teacher: Aha ha, your lunch? Must be very delicious.
BEI: My dad did it!
BEI: He is a Chinese.
Teacher:Really ? Good!
BEI:  He’s  Chinese.
Teacher: You are half Chinese.
BEI: How to say this in Chinese? “I am glad to talk with you."
David: Thank you. 跟你谈话,很高兴。 

Beckham: Goodbye! 跟你谈话,很高兴。

Peng Xiaobei was a Peru student. In mid September he joined  class B,a beginning Chinese class , which was the zero line. After 10 classes, he could use Chinese he learned to hold basic conversations. 
For Chinese teachers in the beginning of class, the most important thing is, no matter how students express themselves in different patterns, you should catch their meaning as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, no matter how many mistakes they madd in speaking and spelling Chinese, you should not point out at first time but encourage them to make mistakes, so that they can keep the passion for learning the language. A simple way to maintain  their confidence is to make sure they can get enough participation and practice more in reading, writing, and listening.