Jordan Shinn: Third Prize of Chinese Bridge Dubbing Competition

Jordan Shinn(申一鸣) is an international student who has won Third Prize of Chinese Bridge Dubbing Competition. During the competition he was assigned to dub the film called A Chinese Odyssey. He said the most challenging thing was the speed of his speaking. He had to read out the lines very fast, and he couldn’t catch up with the video. He practiced many times until he can read the lines fluently without mistakes. 

He was a full Confucius Institute Scholarship student studying Chinese. Shinn comes from America, and he studied news editing in his undergraduate in Oklahoma State University. He came to CUC to study Chinese because he likes writing articles and telling stories. He has known that CUC is a key university for students who want to study media. 

He likes listening to classic music and traveling. He plays guitar and he has performed on stage in many student activities. He has been to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Dali and many other places in China. 

In terms of his experiences on learning Chinese, he thinks that making Chinese friends is a good way to practice oral Chinese for foreigners. Besides, reading Chinese novel is also helpful, such as Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window. It is very well written and readable for Chinese learning beginners. Shinn said, China has a long history and Chinese learning is a life-long study. I’ve learned for 4 years, but still I made lots of mistakes. There’s still a long way to go.

Shinn has already graduated in June. He said it would be great if he got some job opportunities so that he will stay in China for some time. However, Shinn dreams to be an international journalist. He will make constant efforts to achieve this goal in a long term. We wish his dream come true soon.