My Chinese Dream:Egyptian student Wang Xiaotian

Wang Xiaotian, an Egyptian boy, who once studied Chinese in Communication University of China Confucius Institute at Cairo University. Wang Xiaotian especially likes China, he chose the Chinese department because of loving for Chinese culture, "I think Chinese is particularly difficult at first, especially writing Chinese characters, but I cannot give up". 

Wang Xiaotian thought it was a kind of predestination when it came to why to the Communication University of China, after two years of the Confucius Institute at the University of Cairo learning, through the HSK level 4 test, and got excellent grades upon teachers' recommendation, he finally set foot on Chinese soil for the first time in 2013.
Wang Xiaotian couldn’t accustom to the Chinese diet in just two weeks, but after tasting the Chinese cuisine, he was deeply in love with Chinese food so that he cannot still forget the taste after he returned to Egypt. He left his footprint in many places in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Beijing Zoo, Tsinghua University and so on, he has been to Shandong, Hebei and Nanjing, he also wanted to go to Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places if he had enough time. Wang Xiaotian also gained a lot of friendship in Beijing, "In China, it is easy to make friends with Chinese people, they like to help others."
Wang Xiaotian prefers devotedly to do one thing. "Listening, speaking, reading and writing" is his way to learn Chinese, he also said learning Chinese has already become a way of his life.
Although Wang Xiaotian has now been completed courses in the Communication University of China and returned to Egypt, but he firmly said he will be back to China again, "I want to go to the Communication University of China Institute of Broadcasting!”