Confucius Institute Scholarship students participated in the 2nd Confucius Institute Headquarters Open Day

The 2nd Confucius Institute Headquarters Open Day was held in Beijing on September 25, and the theme of Open Day is Cultural Exchange & World Peace. Nearly 500 people got together, including over 40 Confucius Institute Scholarship students of CUC.

Xu Lin, director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, hosted the opening ceremony at 2 pm. The Open Day had a variety of activities showcasing the charm of Chinese culture, including Chinese ink painting workshop, Peking Opera, traditional Chinese folk music, traditional Chinese medicine workshop, a lecture about Chinese songs given by famous singer Yu Junjian, etc. Students from all over the world took active part in the activities and communicated with fluent Chinese.

The Open Day ended with a party named Song of Peace. International students of our university performed a musical music drama, I Love Chinese Culture. Lin Hai from Sierra Leone, Zhang Yue from Thailand and Murong Xue from Brazil performed kung fu, Chinese calligraphy and tongue twister in the music drama. Their wonderful performance won loud applause.