School Motto

The motto of CUC is Integrity, Professionalism, Erudition and Competence, which embodies the Chinese tradition, the characteristic of CUC, the spirit of the times, and the requirement of media industry.
Integrity, the primary word in the motto, is a requirement for a man of honor. The word comes from Zuo Zhuan, a Confucian historical biography and classic. 
Professionalism means hard work and the sense of social responsibility. It is also the requirement for media industry practitioners.
Erudition means extensive knowledge, solid theoretical foundation and professional ability. The media industry is under profound transformation from traditional media to new media, thus students should be erudite and well informed to rise to the challenge. 
Competence means the sense of competition and the ability to compete, which reflects the spirit of the times. It encourages students to forge ahead and dare to be the first.