LECTURE | Masashi Kimura:To Cross the Boundary of One's Own

May 12,2019

Lecture Series on Asian Community

Topic: To Cross the Boundary of One's Own

Date: March 12, 2019 - Sunday

Time: 18:00-19:50P.M.

Venue: Room B302, Building 48

Language: Japanese

Speaker: Dr. Masashi Kimura

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Masashi Kimura, Dean & Professor College of Art, Nihon University Tokyo, Japan.

1979 Graduated from Nihon University College of Art.

1982 Graduate School, Washington State University, Master of Fine Art. USA.

1985 National Geographic Society, Washington D.C. Contract Illustrator, USA.

1988 Established Graphic Design Company, Early Bird Co., Ltd. CEO

1998 Associate Professor, Nihon University College of Arts.

2004 Professor, Nihon University College of Arts.

2018 Inaugural Dean of Nihon University College of Arts.

Specialty is Communication Design, Graphic Design, Scientific Illustration and Science Communication etc.

Visiting Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Institute for Contents & Technology Integration.

Lecture Introduction

How do people create a boundary within themselves and they are captured by the boundary? What connects each person is the sensitivity that drives human creativity. Like the Earth looking out of space, there are no borders in the connection. The future world where you live will be asked for people who can think beyond the realm in any field. People try to know everything and never create a boundary for their intellectual curiosity. Migratory birds and animals in Africa moving to look for water do not have conscious borders. There is a border just for the arrogance of 'human thought' that creates a border. I sincerely think that humanity is about to graduate from the idea that it is a national border. The important thing is to see the world in a bird's-eye view, and to talk a lot. If there is a boundary within yourself, that boundary can be crossed by your creativity.     

In addition, I will introduce scientific educational contents for smartphones I designed, about "the history of life".