Come and Get Your Invitation to Vision Youth Awards 2018

May 31,2018

Vision Youth Awards 2018 (Beijing International College Student Film Festival), an annual carnival for young film lovers, is around the corner. By the end of May 5, the committee has already received more than half thousand films from all over the world. After heated discussions, the works for the exhibition week have been decided finally by the jury. This year, the selected elaborate works witnessed the development of young directors’ film-shooting skills and understanding about the world.

From June 4 to June 8, there will be 26 different thematic exhibitions in CUC. Besides, a series of related activities such as the Forum of Overseas Film Festivals Selectors, Consultation Seminar for Short Films and International Short Film Workshop hosted by Thom Palmen, will be held during the exhibition week.

The tickets to Gala Evening of Vision Youth Awards Ceremony this year are saved for the real film enthusiasts, who will have gone to 7 exhibitions (The Opening Exhibition can be counted for 3) at least. The more exhibitions you have gone, the higher possibilities that you get the tickets. Followed is the agenda of the Vision Youth 2018.



How to get the Registered Viewer Brochure  for all the exhibitions:

1.Scan the QR code to follow the official account “半夏的纪念北京国际大学生影像展”      

2.Tap the right box of menu bar “展映周 The Exhibition Week” at the bottom of the screen and choose “我要看展 I want to go”


Notice: The total number of Registered Viewer Card is 2000.

If you register successfully but don’t get the Registered Viewer Brochure, you can still go to the exhibition if the venue allows. But you can’t exchange for the tickets to the Gala Evening without it.
The Card can be used in exhibitions except for the Opening exhibition and other series of activities.