Chinese Corner | ROUND3

May 09,2018

Chinese Corner is coming again!
Join us and have fun together!
Let’s get started!

Date: May 9, Wednesday
Location: Bo Xue Building A803


Show yourself 
All students will take turns to introduce himself
You can talk about your interests, your dreams and so on
Welcome to show your free style

Imitation Game 
4-5 people formed a group, and the group on the stage to imitate the classic scenes of the classic movie will score 2 points, and the group which first guesses right scores 1 points.
The group on the stage can give a brief hint of country / year / starring / plot. According to the score, and a total of 3~4 rounds, the group with the least score after the end will be punished.

Talk in reverse 
The host will firstly set the number of words, such as this round of questions must be within four words, then the subject can choose four words, such as "I am a witness", the answer must be said in 5 seconds, in turn, that is, "the witness is me" . All in Chinese, each game increases the number of words, the loser will be punished.

Draw & Guess 
Three people in a group. One person will be back to the blackboard, and the other two people will stand facing to the blackboard. When a person writes a word, another people are not allowed to speak, through the action to deduce words, try hard to let people who is back to the blackboard guess.

Idioms one by one 
We will sit in order, Starting from the first person, say one idiom, and the next person will take another idiom beginning with the last word of this idiom. No more than five seconds of thinking time is allowed. You shouldn't repeat the former idiom.