CUC Alumni Cup Electronic Sports Competition

May 09,2018

Date: May 9, 2018 -Wednesday

Time: 13:00

Venue: Lunatic Home Table Game Parlor (Chang yingtian Street Shop) No. 1 Changtong Road, Chaoyang District Block b1, constellation, western district, Changying lake.

Theme: In summer, there is no lack of enthusiasm brought by the sports events. Whether the Liaoning basketball team sweeping the Guangsha on the CBA or Uzi’s accomplishment of winning the final cup in the spring game that just ended, they are both full of people's hearts and minds. And our Alumni CUC Cup electronic competition also comes to the final decisive battle! Welcome to come to the Hyundai Hall, where you can watch the final with the potato chips. If you have to watch off the line, you can follow the game live on the betta home page.

Live platform and room number: Douyu TV,4767252.

Looking forward to your clicks!