【Lecture】A Journalist’s Journey from the European to the Chinese Media System

April 13,2018

Run away as fast as you can

                                   ——A journalist’s journey from the European to the Chinese media system


Date: April 13, 2018 - Friday
Time: 20:00
Venue: Room 203, Building 33 at Communication University of China
Language: English & German
Speaker: Katrin Büchenbacher
Speaker Biography:

 · born in Switzerland
 · Bachelor from Fribourg University in Media and Communication Research
 · worked for a local newspaper as a reporter
 · embarked on a dual degree in Global Media with the Paris Insitute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and Fudan Journalism School
 · studied at the French Press Institute

Interested in reporting about China, Katrin started to work for the Global Times upon graduation as a full-time journalist.
Besides her job, she is a freelance writer and event organizer in Beijing

  · To be a Journalist or not?
  · How to deal with discomfort, challenges and contradictions?
  · Difference between European and Chinese media system?

In her talk, Katrin will compare the Swiss and Chinese media system, drawing from the unique experiences of studying and working in both of them.
She will tell you why she won't advise anyone, regardless of where they live, becoming a journalist unless they love discomfort,  challenges and contradictions.
It's the best job in the world - run away while you still can!