Winter Vocation | Guide to Living on Campus

January 24,2018

Even after the end of the fall semester, the CUC campus continues to provide for students who decide to spend their winter in Beijing.

We provide information on Campus Dining, Bath Water Supply Time, Academic Resources, Mailroom Arrangement, Student Apartment, Campus Bus for this winter holiday.


     1. Campus Dining

The only opened canteen in holidays:

North Garden Canteen 1F  (Tel: 65783037)

Meal Time







Closed Canteens

Closed Time

Re-Open Time

Zhong Lan Canteen

Jan. 19th

May. 5th

Halal Restaurant

Jan. 23th

Feb. 28th

North Garden Canteen 2F

South Garden Canteen 1F&2F

Yi Xiang Garden Restaurant

Bang Zi Jing Canteen


2. Bath Water Supply Time: Jan. 24th - - Feb. 27th (Tel: 65779486)


Public Bathroom (Yi Xiang Garden 3F)


Student Apartment(Building 34,35,37,47)


Bang Zi Jing Student Apartment


Zhong Lan Student Apartment (the 1st period)


Zhong Lan Student Apartment (the 2nd period)

24 hours

South Garden Building 7 & Building 8

24 hours


3. Study Room (Tel: 6578300365773600)

Li De Building

Open Time: 8:00—21:00

Bo Xue Building

Closed Time: Feb.15—Feb. 20

West Wing Building


The Li De Building will close during Art Recruitment Examination.

The study room is only for the CUC students. Please bring your student ID card or campus card with you, for the administrators may check it. Off-campus students are forbidden.


4. Library (Tel: 65783180)

Only reading area in 2F is available and its opening time is as follows.
Jan. 24th ---- Feb. 9th 
Feb. 26th ---- Feb. 27th

     9:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday

The library will re-open on March 5th, 2018.


5. Logistics Service Hall Arrangement (Tel. 65783000)

     Location: Bungalow on the south side of Building 7;

     Time: 24 hours for repair require accepting and electricity buying.

Telephone service time: every Tuesday, Thursday: 9:30--11:30; 13:30 –15:30

Contact number: 65783062.


6. Mailroom (Tel: 65779391)

Everyday: 14:00--16:00

Closed from Feb. 15th to 19th 


7. Student Apartment (Tel: 6577961165779566)

Operating as normal.


8. Campus Bus (Tel: 65783371)

Stopped in winter vocation.


Source: Logistics management office

Written by: Huang Danying