Films of the Week in China Media Museum(12.4—12.8)

December 04,2017

This week,A Room with a View(看得见风景的房间) and V for Vendetta (V字仇杀队) will be on show at the Media Museum.

A Room with a View


A love story between a well-bred lady Lucy and a roughscuff George in the nineteen Century.

V for Vendetta


In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known by the alias of ”V”, with a Guy Fawkes musk, plots to overthrow the society with the help of a young woman.



Screening Schedule

Monday to Wednesday

12:00 A Room with a View

14:00 V for Vendetta

Thursday to Friday: 

12:00 V for Vendetta

14:15 A Room with a View



Ps. China Media Museum is on the B1 of the library 

The cinema is in the hall 1 of the museum movie area 

(You need to enter the museum first)