【Lecture】Find Your Career Path in Journalism

November 10,2017

Served as the advanced and eminent Lecture Provided by School of International Studies of CUC, it aims to enrich the horizon of students who find themselves interested in Business and Journalism. The Media Plus Lecture enables students to continue career both in Media, Communication and Foreign Languages.

Time: 10-11-2017, Friday. 3:30-5:00 PM

Place: School of International Studies, Room 211

Theme: Find your career path in Journalism

Lecturer: Zhang Yijun, Chief Editor of International Business Daily in Ministry of Commerce.

About the Lecturer: Zhang Yijun, undergraduate as an English Major from Nankai University, further gained his master degree on Law from UIBE. Used to work as journalist for Overseas department, and Deputy Director for News Room of Central Foreign Affairs Office in Xinhua News Agency. Now working as Chief Editor and Deputy Director in International Business Daily.

He is also known as Visiting scholar in American University of Hawaii and The East-West Center.