Sino-French University Student Journalism Award

May 07,2017

The Method of Collection of the Works of the 3rd Sino-French University Student Journalism Award


1) Award Name

Sino-French University Student Journalism Award

2) A Brief Introduction of the Award

In 2014,in the occasion of Sino-French diplomatic ties 50 years ago,Sino-French University Student Journalism Award is established jointly by the Chinese Embassy in France,members of China's Ministry of education to guide the teaching of the major of journalism and communication and French News Institutions Union(short for CNPEJ),which aims at enriching extra-curricular life and experience of the news practice of Sino-French students,deepening understandings of both sides,as well as cultivating high-level international media talents.the Secretariat of Teaching Steering Committee of Communication University of China is responsible for the organization of the competition in Chinese universities,as Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille ,which is one of the French oldest schools of Journalism,take responsibility for that in France universities.The award respectively funds two groups of students of both sides to interview and report in each other’s country.

In 2017, the 3rd Sino-French University Student Journalism Award was officially started.According to the arrangement,China and France will respectively select two students groups,both will go to each other’s country to interview and report,and then express or broadcast their outcomes through media of both sides.

3) Entry qualifications

All of our colleges and universities students in related majors in Journalism and Communication and 14 universities of French news alliance in related majors in Journalism and Communication.

4) Participatory Approach

1.Self-made topic ,which relates to each other’s country and is in accordance with the purposes and principles of deepening each other’s understandings.

2.Applicants are supposed to send emails in PDF format to before May 7th 2017,including descriptions of topic coverage ,report plan,group introductions,members’ profiles,budget statement and other related materials of descriptions of topics and reporting abilities. Any group without materials mentioned above will not obtain qualification for the contest. Works of the genre of video works are given priority,whose time length is better to be 20 to 30 minutes.

3.Award Jury will publish the list of approved students groups(two groups both of China and France),winning groups will make their own arrangements for filming,but committee advise them to cover in each other’s country in the summer vacation of 2017.

4.News coverage is not limited to genre and subject matter,but needed to be described in applying materials.

5.End  of  November 2017 is the deadline for the submission of news products.

6.In the stage of the last selection,3 Chinese judges together with 3 French judges will select the final award-winning work.

5) Award Settings

The Committee will respectively provide each of the four groups with 3500 Euros for shooting.Selected groups will get 2000 Euros to start up shooting,then get the rest 1500 Euros after shooting works submitted getting through the evaluation.

6) Contact Information